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How Twitch can help poker clubs and live series

How Twitch can help poker clubs and live series

Streaming platform Twitch has recently been pretty active in poker sphere. New format was highly praised by PokerStars, 2+2 forums and Global Poker Index. Besides Twitch is perfect for poker clubs and live series.

First of all, what is Twitch. Well, this is a gaming site where gamers can stream (show) they gameplay. Let’s say there is Jeremy from San Francisco and Petya from Ivanovo playing Hearthstone, and their game can be seen by other people, they can communicate with each other and (that’s important) see the streamer through web cam. Those who missed live coverage  can watch it later.

In general you can stream everything you’d like (at least everything that can be recorded and translated through the monitor): someone carving, composing music or…playing poker in the club.

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