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Bedlam in Prague: Poker Dies?

Bedlam in Prague: Poker Dies?

Right before the start of Poker Festival in Prague where the best poker player in the world should compete, city authorities have made new amendments to the gambling laws and that have already led to the best city poker clubs to be closed, including Card Casino Prague. In the New Year situation might worsen….

European Union with its intolerance towards gambling came to Prague unexpectedly. Prague was different to Paris, Vienna, Oslo and other big cities in Europe. Serious changes are coming to Bratislava as well in the nearest future.

Major dissatisfaction cause not by the number of poker clubs but with everlasting slot machines halls, the number of which is overwhelming in the city. The issue is in these halls full of entertaining mechanisms. Local regional administration complain about gambling problems among locals.

Prague City Hall adopted an amendment on November. 26th and it should come into legal force on January, 1st 2016. But the process of cleaning has started in some places already. More than 200 slot halls are planned to be closed during the next year.

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