Appeal to poker players


Dear poker players, we need your help!

PokerDiscover is making its first steps to create a global poker network which will cover the whole territory of the Independent States Commonwealth and other countries. We want to pull all who love live poker games together, we want the casinos and poker clubs to prepare poker-tables with any stakes in short time and we want players to find easily a live and appropriate cache game or even create it themselves.

The registration is now open, and each gambler may specify his gaming preferences (poker type, limits, convenient time for playing, etc.). One click and the clubs are aware of your readiness for a game. Club managers will see all the players nearby, who are registered at In short time there will start the subscription to special tables in special clubs. It means that if you play Omaha 25/50$, you will be receiving messages from this particular table only. The same option will be available for live poker tournaments. Live poker is about to change.

And that’s just the beginning! We wish to turn the Poker Discover service into something more than a plain tool for games searching. Weareforminganewpokercommunity!

We’ll manage everything together!

If you like poker and play it not only in front of your computer’s display, you are welcome to setup our mobile application and visit the web-site We would be happy if you test our service and tell all your friends who are also the players about it. If you happen to buddy up with gambling house holders or private game providers, share this secret with them, add to our community and watch the updates.

Is there not your favorite club or casino on our web-site? Then add it to the collection and be sure you contacted a manager of that establishment. A manager already can publish fresh information on tournaments and cache games in real time mode, wasn’t it a dream not so long ago?

We will surely bring our favorite game to the new heights and you are the ones we won’t do this without! 


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