Hottest girlfriends of the top poker players


Hottest girlfriends of the top poker players

Most articles dedicated to significant others of the top poker players or women in poker in general tell about the same things: wives/girlfriends of the middle-aged established players (Negreanu, Helmuth, Ivey etc.), or same old list of Jennifer Tilly, Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree, Jennifer Harman etc.

It’s time to add to these lists some women of the new generation. Those who are at their prime in the moment. They have their own personal stories, interesting in some way, but, unfortunately, we don’t know many of them. Yes, we should probably stay away from other people’s personal lives.

In general, we’ve gathered a list that is far from being full and consisting of personal and not so personal photos. We have chosen to stay away from different ratings as we are not some fashion experts to judge and put marks; besides, it is a very subjective matter


Douglas Polk


Anatoly Filatov


Charlie Carrel


Tom Dwan


Bryn Kenney


Brian Rast


Sam Trickett


Dzmitry Urbanovich


Jonathan Duhamel


Bertrand Grospellier


Dan Coleman


Jason Koon





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