Russian blockchain poker room Cash Poker Pro conquers messengers


Russian blockchain poker room Cash Poker Pro conquers messengers

On October, 26 ICO (fundraising) for a quite interesting blockchain project has started. It is a virtual poker room Cash Poker Pro from Russian-speaking developers. They plan on raising $30,000,000 till November, 18th with most of the means going for the needs of marketing (with full-scale ad campaign starting next year) and further development.

In September, we’ve written of another blockchain project called Virtue Poker, which signed such top-notch players as Brian Rust and Dan Coleman. Cash Poker Pro is very different from its colleague in a way in it fully focused to messengers - Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook; and it is going to promote with the help of them. That means, one will be able to play in the app, not entering some website or downloading a client.

Let’s have a closer look at the project and try to answer to the most important questions.

What is Cash Poker Pro?

This online gambling platform is based on blockchain Ethereum and uses partly decentralized pseudo random numbers generator and decentralized deposit/withdrawal system.

How does the project look now?

Unlike Virtue Poker, this project already has a product, beta version of which is available here - (Telegram link). In its essence, it is a rather simple poker room with all the standard features and games, that has cash tables, sit-n-goes, tournaments.

Will it be only poker product?

No. The creators keep mentioning the casino, lotteries and other similar industries. The authors have a big background in these industries and want to participate in all teh gambling industries.

Who is behind Cash Poker Pro?

The CEO is Danila Prozorov. Among his previous projects are trademarks х3 mobile accessories and Armada, he worked at Asian market. The team as a whole was involved in software for Rush Bingo (e-roulettes), online casino Golden Dragon, lotteries and bingo terminals, electronic poker tables.

The products of the company are actively used in land casinos of Russia and Kazakhstan. Among business partners are such giants as 1xBet and Bingo Boom.

Will the room be only a blockchain project?

Not exactly. Decentralization will be applied in two major functions - PRNG and deposit/cash outs. Cash Poker Pro believes those are the major problems of modern online poker rooms. Players have always had doubts/claims towards RNG (“OMG I’ve lost again”) and all the major scandals (and notable events in the world of poker were connected with the steal/using player’s deposits.

So there will be no such thing as deposit in Cash Poker Pro and players will be able to withdraw the means at any moment

As for PRNG, it can’t be fully decentralized by its name (as if someone would know about the result of the “random” course of events, this would cause player’s distrust)  and it is currently impossible to develop a fast RNG for today’s blockchain technologies (players would have to wait for the flop, turn and river for several minutes).

More info on this matter is available in the white paper.

How will the room operate?

The currency within the poker room would be CASH toker, which will be available for sale in exchange for dollars, rubles, euros etc. and crypto currencies, like BitCoin and Ethereum. CASH will be used for the play and may be secured at any popular wallet, like The room won’t have an access to it.

Then it is the usual process: we choose the table, take a seat and play.

Will there be any uncommon abilities/functions?

Yes, anyone is able to make his own playing table and start inviting players. The owner of such a “room” will receive a small percentage (like the ones from real poker tables).

More detailed FAQ is available at the official website.

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