Top 10 biggest poker clubs in the world


Poker is a game of small rooms. This is not slot machines which are stockpiled in the most casinos. Card games require com comfort and some atmosphere. That is not always the case. There are some giants, Walmart, Media Markt and Tesco of the poker world.

The casinos that will be mentioned are sorted by the number of tables – from the smaller number to the bigger one. This is the only condition. We don’t take into account stakes, no service level or placement. This rating is only about the size – the bigger, the better. By th way, the biggest poker rooms are usually first-class facilities. So there is a direct correlation between the size and the quality.

The most interesting part in this rating is where these biggest cardrooms are placed. 9 out of 10 are situated in the USA. The USA is the country with poker life concentrated in several cities. Online poker is illegal in almost all the states. Well, we know that Americans like everything gigantic like big cars, big houses, big dogs and… big poker rooms as well.

  1. Maryland Live! Casino

Number of tables: 52

Place of residence: Hanover, Maryland, USA

We could have put some other American facilities with number of tables around 60. But the poker room Maryland Live! has almost as many tables plus nice reviews and reputation (though we’ve promised not to take into account other factors).

In short, it is a very decent two-floor poker room with No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, HORSE. The reviews are mostly positive, the dealers and the level of play are praised: “Some tables are softer than toilet paper”, as locals say.

Maryland Live! poker room hosts WPT stages.

  1. Parx Casino

Parx Casino

Number of tables: 61

Place of residence: Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA

As official web site of the poker room states, there are 80 tables in the poker room of this casino. We’ll trust some other source though. Many players praise Big Stax tournament with very deep structure as levels are 45 and 60 minutes. The reviews of the dealers work and personnel are excellent in general.

Some people complain about the heavy load for dealers in times of big tournaments In the facilities as tables remain empty due to the absence of needed number of dealers.

  1. Palm Beach Kennel Club

Number of tables: 64

Place of residence: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

“Almost all locals play here. There is no reward program in the room, but the food and drinks have nice price”, writes one of the regulars.

This is one of the biggest poker rooms in the state of Florida. Cash games are on the ground floor and tournaments are on the first floor. Tournaments take place in day and night time and that is nice news for regulars.

Hold’em, Omaha, Stud (3 kinds) are among types of games presented. Personnel also get mostly positive reviews.

  1. Bestbet Jacksonville

Number of tables: 70

Place of residence: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

One of the newest poker rooms in Florida and the biggest room in the moment – 70 tables are ain’t joke. The poker room hosts WPT stages and other big series. There is a special highroller zone.


The facility has excellent bad beat jackpots and other promotions, active players don’t get benefits for their activity.

About the level of play: “One could meet strong players at the tables, but the gamblers which push with any ace or suited cards aren’t rare either”.

  1. Borgata

Number of tables: 85

Place of residence: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

The famous poker room in one of the most famous cities of gambling.

“Excellent players which will fight for every pot. Don’t let yourself think you can outplay them. You won’t. I played all around the world and never met opponents this tough”, that is the emotional commentary.

Энтони Зинно в Боргата

Anthony Zinno in Borgata Casino

This facility regularly hosts big series, like Borgata Poker Open – with almost $7 million guaranteed and WPT stages.

The reviews of personnel and service in general are positive.

  1. Hawaiian Gardens Casino

Number of tables: 110

Place of residence: Hawaiian Gardens, California, USA

From this moment we’ll speak of poker room of another rank. At least in terms of size. More than 100 tables is a remarkable result. Vast majority of poker clubs in the world are sufficiently smaller.


Not so long ago Hawaiian Gardens had a massive reconstruction with insides of building having a new better look. High rollers have a separate room, many players praise dealers and other personnel.

I usually play in Florida at 1-2 and 2-5 where different buy-in sizes are made. Hawaiian Gardens are the same. I sat at the $3-5 table with $300. I liked it more than playing in Florida.”

  1. Foxwoods Casino

Number of tables: 147

Place of residence: Ledyard, Connecticut, USA

This is the biggest poker room at the East coast of the United States. They play Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, HORSE and Razz here. World Poker Tour often has stops here.

 “I’ve been in many rooms, but this one is the biggest of them. Even when there are no some big tournaments, plenty of people are there and many games are in play. And I’m talking of Thursday afternoon…”

  1. King’s Casino Rozvadov

Number of tables: 160

Place of residence: Rozvadov, Czech Republic

The legendary facility situated on the Czech-German border and the only one of the list which is situated outside of the United States. The biggest facility in Europe. Leo Zuckernik rules here and he often invites leading cash players in the world to his highroller cash festival.


Many European poker series have a stop here - DEUTSCHE POKER TOUR, Italian Masters, 888Live and others. WSOP Circuit also guests here.

In general, there is no better place for poker in Europe.

  1. Bicycle Casino

Number of tables: 185

Place of residence: Bell-Gardens, California, USA

That is the casino where they shoot and broadcast live poker show “Live at The Bike” three times a week. The local regulars show themselves at the common poker tables.

They play Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Mexican poker and other kinds of poker here. Word Poker Tour and World Series of Poker have stops here with WSOP Circuit held only here, despite high level of competitiveness in Los Angeles (there are plenty of splendid casinos in the city and the suburbs).

This is currently the best facility in LA as the casino was renovated recently.

  1. Commerce Casino

Number of tables: 210

Place of residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

The absolute record holder on the number of tables is another LA facility – Commerce. We’ve written multiple times of it in our blog at PokerDiscover on different occasions. One of the posts was the article where we compared Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, Lowball and other are among offered poker kinds. This room hosts very big series LA Poker Classic (LAPC).

“The casino is slightly worse than The Bike only due to the reconstruction of that casino. For a long time Commerce was one of the most attracted facilities with the weakest level of play

The games are soft; I liked being a tourist from the suburbs. There is a lot of action at the tables, the players are welcoming”.

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