Why Patrick Antonius doesn’t play online poker any more


Player who has earned $17 million just stopped playing NL Hold’em and Omaha at the highest stakes. The reason is the most trivial: “I don’t beat ‘em”. This player’s name is Patrik Antonius…

In his latest interview, Patrik Antonius told to one well-known poker resource some interesting things.

  1. The world of live high rollers has seen better days

The Chinese, according to Antonius, more and more play by themselves (organize private games and do not invite others). They only begin poker movement on Philippines; there is no regular game yet.

There is no game in London, Macao, Vegas. It used to be better back in the days. That is the reason Patrik Antonius plays poker so rare. Sometimes sits out for months. However, it’s not the best part.

  1. Patrik Antonius doesn’t have edge in online poker

Just in case someone doesn’t know, Patrik Antonius is famous Finnish player who prefers cash games. He plays at nosebleed stakes since 2008. He has earned $17 million on Full Tilt and PokerStars since then.

Last time he was online in spring this year. Answering the question why has he stopped playing, PA tells that because of the “technology has advanced so much that it’s become a totally different game”.

Modern online poker is numbers game. Once when PA lost one million dollars at once, he has suddenly realized he doesn’t beat his usual stakes. We’re speaking of $100/$200+ NL Hold’em and PL Omaha.

“I never used any of these programs…. I’m more of a feel player who’s living in the moment,” – tells PA.

Many readers probably thought about Finnish pro talking about tracking software (HUD) – Holdem Manager, PokerTracker… Unfortunately, it’s much worse.


How software kills online poker

Nowadays so-called GTO-soft is widely used by professional players. Special software analysis the hand in real time and gives the best action according to math on collected data.

This is completely new level of poker technologies turning average regulars into real monsters. Patrik Antonius talks about that. Moreover, expensive specially customized HUDs showing detailed narrowly specialized info are becoming popular. They allow players to make mistake-free decisions.

“I would take my chances against any high-stakes player live but online I don’t like my chances anymore, unfortunately”, - admitted PA.

Businessmen, amateurs used to play at high stakes. They were few, but more that none. There is no fish high rollers. They are all dead. Meaning they all play live poker now because they all know what is situation like.

Here is the main conclusion. What is the future of high stakes world? PA isn’t going to lie – only live poker. Only real emotions, real drive. No dry numbers for math fans and technology geniuses.


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