Super High Roller Bowl 2017: Vogelsang won $6,000,000!


There is only one tournament that tops everything, including start of World Series of Poker. It is ARIA Super High Roller Bowl with buy-in of $300,000! It is one of the most expensive, spectacular and famous tournaments in the world. Only poker elite plays here, players who are the best of the best. There are no fishes, almost all the players are semi-gods. There are exceptions though.

The things are Germany is the country, where strongest super high rollers live in. For the second time in a row, champions belt of ARIA Bowl goes to the resident of this country. In 2016,  Rainer Kempe triumphed here, and Russian online high roller Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov even used to be a chip leader after one of the playing days.

Let us also remind you that last year another German player came to finish second – it was Fedor Holz. Just several years ago, he came ahead of the German high rollers and entered poker Olympus with other titans, like Daniel Coleman.

Now the success came to the other representative of Germany - Christoph Vogelsang! He is one of those who where a lot about, he is always in the poker community, often seen among big backers, participates in tournaments all the time but never wins. There are few players like that, but they are there. Whether it some sort of ancient curse or nor, this title was the first one in Vogelsang’s carreer!

Well, even if this win had to be waited for several years, it was worth it!

How did events develop?

There were 56 buy-ins of $300,000 and that is a bigger number in comparison with last year when 49 buy-ins were registered.

Almost all the participants of this event deserve an article about each and every one of them (some articles were written about those heroes – see here), but the tournaments are all about players leaving it one by one until only one table, and then only player remains.

ARIA Super High Roller Bowl 2017 final table participants:

  1. Jake Schindler – 4,080,000
  2. Christoph Vogelsang – 2,650,000
  3. Byron Kaverman – 2,200,000
  4. Stefan Schillhabel – 1,890,000
  5. Pratyush Buddiga – 1,780,000
  6. Leon Tsoukernik – 1,780,000
  7. Justin Bonomo – 1,735,000
  8. Jason Koon– 685,000

Final Eight Players

Vogelsang was second in chips in the beginning of final table play being way behind American Jake Schindler. The latter dominated Day 4 of the tournament, having almost half of all the chips in 7-max. The American single-handedly eliminated several opponents.

By the way, the fourth place in the tournament is occupied by… Leon Tsoukernik, the owner of King’s casino, which may become the biggest in the world. This is the second big success in not so long career of the tournament player for Tsoukernik, who has recently won €50,000 Super High Roller in Prague.

Leon Tsoukernik

The finalists didn’t finish in Day 4, prolonging the tournament to Day 5. In result, three players were left in the tournaments – Schindler, Vogelsang and Stefan Schillhabel, the lesser-known player in the tournament. The latter had short stack.

Jake Schindler_Christoph Vogelsang_Stefan Schillhabel Jake Schindler_Christoph Vogelsang_Stefan Schillhabel

ARIA Super High Roller Bowl 2017 results:

  1. Christoph Vogelsang – $6,000,000
  2. Jake Schindler – $3,600,000
  3. Stefan Schillhabel – $2,400,000
  4. Leon Tsoukernik – $1,800,000
  5. Byron Kaverman – $1,400,000
  6. Pratyush Buddiga – $1,000,000
  7. Justin Bonomo – $600,000

Schillhabel couldn’t keep up and soon left two opponents alone. Schindler was leading in the beginning of heads-up, but chip leader stack changed its owner not once during 5-hour duel. Vogelsang was finding saving cards in the most crucial moments. For instance: the German invested most of his stack with K-high flush draw on the turn against top pair (with A-K) of the opponent… and got his flush with the last card!

Or: Schindler caught a set, while Vogelsang got straight with A-5! As well on the river…

This is poker, and it is rough sometimes.

Prize money in Christoph’s career almost doubled after that win. Now he is seconds (losing only to Holz) in German players’ rating with the result of almost $14,000,000.

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